Change Accountants

Is your accountant holding you back?

Are you waiting too long for your accounts? Is it stopping you from making important future decisions?

Sometimes switching accountants can be the move needed to help you build and grow the business you’d love to have, without being held back or pressured by others.

Our ChangeEasy service has been designed to help you quickly get back on track towards taking back control of your finances and building the business you love.

How does it work?

Carry on running your business knowing you’re on your way to getting the support you want and need:

Tell us you want to switch

When you’re ready to switch to us, all you need to do is let us know and we’ll begin contacting your previous accountant and explain that you are moving your business to us.

Notify HMRC

We’ll contact HMRC for you to let them know we’re looking after your finances, so that any paperwork is sent straight to us.

Transfer your books

Once we’ve written to your accountant, we’ll work with your previous accountant to have all paperworktransferred to us, whether it be books, records or accounts.

We’ll start working with you

We’ll immediately start working with you to get your accounts and tax done right, and done on time, giving you the freedom to work on the business you’re passionate about.

Not sure if you’re ready to switch? Find out where you might need more support!

12 things to expect from your accountant

Sometimes your accountant might not understand you and your goals.

They might not challenge you and sometimes you need to take stock of the situation you’re in.

That’s why we developed a simple checklist to help you decide if your accountant is giving you the support you want.

All you have to do is tick the list to find out what you are realistically getting from your accountant, and ask them how they can give you the extra help you need in the areas you haven’t ticked.

Want to talk more about your business?

If you want to chat to our team about how we can help get your accounts and tax done right,we’re ready to find out more and take the next step.