Why AWR?

Why AWR?

We get up every morning to inspire our clients and to help them succeed at levels higher than even they thought possible.

We redefine the ways that owner-managed businesses and their accountants work together. We help you navigate through complexity, we simplify things, and we take care of things. We do all of that to  help build and grow a successful business and lifestyle that you love.

You are our focus. We take care of your numbers, getting it done right and taking you beyond by supporting you and challenging you in business.

Your accounts done, fast: That’s our business priority

Keeping your finances in shape is a must, and you remain our priority with 3 core numbers:

Customer happiness

Based on our regular surveys, we measure how happy you are with our work. The current month’s results are [x] out of 10.

Turnaround time

This covers how fast your accounts and tax return are completed after we’ve received your complete information. This month’s results: [x]

Proactive phone calls

We measure the number of calls made to you – whether about your accounts or business in general. Our target for this month was [x] and we achieved [y].

We’re a proud member of the Buy1Give1 Initiative

Our business model enables us to give back to the community, and working with us means you’re also helping make a difference by changing lives.

When you choose AWR to make a difference to you and your business, you help us make a difference to others who really need it too.

We donate a proportion of our fees to charitable projects around the world, including access to clean water, life changing operations, medical support and education for children.

The advice given at the outset was very concise. No accountancy jargon. so far, we cannot fault his advice or the service. We look forward to a long a prosperous relationship. – Tracy, Powys-Hast Hotel

Our fixed price agreement

You will always know in advance how much your investment will be before we start our work. We don’t charge by the hour or time spent on the job, meaning you’ll always know exactly where you stand and you’re not going to feel concern about future fees.

Accounts done, fast

You will receive your final accounts within 20 days after you have provided your complete information to us. You can use the resultant set of accounts to make important future business decisions and planning to pay tax.

Your team that makes a difference

We’re passionate about making a difference to you, your business and our community. We’re on hand to integrate ourselves into your everyday business activities.

The team are committed to helping you use your numbers to go beyond the challenges you’re facing.

About You

What do you want to accomplish? Whether you want to stop missing deadlines, or just want a speedy delivery to give you peace of mind, we work with businesses who are willing to look forward with the following goals:

I want more time to do the work I enjoy

Are you tired of spending far too long on paperwork? We know you just want access to the pertinent information all the time, and working with us means you’ll have more time for things that really matter, like focusing on your business.

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I want direction for my business

Using the tools that we provide, we produce your accounts with a speedy delivery so you can use your completed accounts to plan for the future, whether you’re looking to expand or get funding.

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